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Stuart O’Connor and friends – videos

Stuart O’Connor recently marked his return to the UK after a successful tour around Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand, with a homecoming gig at Club 85 supported by friends.

On June 17th, Stu, supported by The October Game, Spandex Ballet and Philip Storey, played a self-promoted gig at Club 85 in Hitchin. For those who missed it, or a reminder for those who were, here are some videos recorded on the night, including two new songs from Spandex Ballet.

Stuart O’Connor – ‘Cage Is Rattling’

Stuart O’Connor – ‘Good Times With Evil’

Both the above songs taken from the album ‘Good Times With Evil’.

The October Game – ‘Boxing Underwater’

Taken from The October Game/Toodar split EP on Scylla Records.

Spandex Ballet – ‘Things You Don’t See Too Much Of Nowadays’

Spandex Ballet – ‘I’m Not Sure’

Spandex Ballet – ‘The Lonely Irishman’

Spandex Ballet – ‘You Make Me Talk Like A Baby’

Spandex Ballet – ‘Be A Slut’

Spandex Ballet and The Stuart O’Connor Band- ‘Wood Vs Evil’

Songs above feature on the album ‘Seriously, Don’t Release This’.

Philip Story – ‘I’m Still Here’



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