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Burn The Yeti – ‘Out Of The Darkness’ (2011) CD review

The debut EP from Herts-based doom metal quintet.

Burn The Yeti – ‘Out Of The Darkness’ (2011)

1. Bury Me In A Nameless Grave
2. Let Me Go
3. Out Of The Darkness
4. Burn The Yeti


Rebecca Press – Vocals
Bruce Hamilton – Guitar
Sam Farrington – Guitar
Jim Males – Bass
Sammie Donnelly – Drums
Helen Brown – Keys

Formed in 2010 and based around Hertfordshire, England, Burn The Yeti present us with this, the first fruits of their labour in the form of 4-track debut EP ‘Out Of The Darkness’. Featuring current/former members of Gilla Bruja, Zebediah Crowe, Wrongly Accused and Hazel Turnock & The Finger Choppers, at their heart they’re a doom metal band, but they have a sound which encompasses much more than that. At times, the sludgy spirit of GB is invoked, whilst at others the band’s more symphonic/gothic influences come to the fore, at times sounding reminiscent of Dutch metallers The Gathering circa ‘Mandilion’, the band’s deep booming riffs acting in contrast to Rebecca’s lifting vocals, a mix of light and shade that works well. None of the EP’s four tracks are under six minutes in length, yet none of them outstay their welcome, each track given its own space to breathe and progress; clearly, this was not a rushed effort. Each musician is used to their potential here, without becoming overly showy or overindulgent, throwing in guitar solos only when appropriate rather than for the sake of it, and it works.

‘Let Me Go’

Slow and doomy but with a definite sense of groove, BTY have got off to a good start, and with work already commencing on follow-up material, this quintet is worth keeping an eye on.

Rating: 80/100

For fans of:
Black Sabbath, The Gathering, Goatsnake, Gallhammer


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