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Aghast! – ‘Live Dangerously’ EP review

The new EP from rising UKDM act Aghast!


1. Look Alive
2. We Fear Silence
3. Drop Dead Famous


James Anson – Vocals
Christiaan Verheij Van-Wijk – Guitar
Daniel Henderson – Bass
Nicholas Plews – Drums

London/Hitchin-based death metallers Aghast! have finally hit us with this, the eagerly-awaited follow-up to previous EP ‘Afterlife Crisis’, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. For those not familiar with Aghast’s previous material or live act, picture this – imagine for a moment, a younger Phil Anselmo, meeting the sledgehammer assault of Meshuggah, mixed with the OTT aural overdrive of Strapping Young Lad and given a Lamb Of God-style coating, and you’d be getting warm.
Kicking off with the machine gun blast that is ‘Look Alive’, the BPM goes off the scale and doesn’t relent – drummer Nicholas Plews (formerly of Corpsing and also a member of Ted Maul-offshoot Metastasis) has a growing reputation as an amazingly fast drummer, akin to a human drum machine, and this track clearly demonstrates why. Like your metal fast and heavy? ‘We Fear Silence’ continues to pummel in the way only a death metal band can, Van-Wijk’s riffs coming thick and fast, before ‘Drop Dead Famous’ closes things, injecting brief bursts of groove into the mix.
Aghast! have never been a band to dabble with subtlety in the past, and this new release only serves to push their reputation further, as one of the most extreme metal acts to come out of Hertfordshire. Surely it’s only a matter of time now, before they become leading lights of the UKDM scene. If you like all-out steamrolling metal, this one’s for you. Hey, if Devin Townsend approves of this band, so should you!

‘Live Dangerously’ is available from their Facebook page, and at live shows.

A 30-second preview of ‘Look Alive’:

For fans of: At The Gates, Meshuggah, Lamb Of God, Pantera, Carcass, In Flames


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