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Catchy tunes

A couple of tunes worth lending an ear….

Lost Without Cause – ‘You Won’t Know’

Watford/St Albans-based 3-piece have uploaded another track from their EP ‘Take Back Everything’ to YouTube – the song ‘You Won’t Know’, a catchy alt-rock tune that follows on the heels of the video for ‘Trigger’, one which amassed over 200,000 hits after being featured on YouTube’s homepage. If you’re a fan of the likes of Placebo, Bowling For Soup, Subways or Jimmy Eat World, give this a listen.

Having followed these guys for a few years now, I seriously think these guys should be bigger – they’ve got tunes that US college radio stations would be all over if they heard them.



The October Game – ‘Answers & Keys’

Eclectic rockers The October Game have uploaded this rather catchy tune to their Soundcloud and Bandcamp profiles – from the latter of which you can now purchase both their albums, in addition to a handful of exclusive tracks. It has a definite Muse-like swagger, and I can imagine it filling dancefloors in venues in months to come – it’s hard to resist hitting the play button for repeated listens.

‘Answers & Keys’


Hope you enjoy!

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