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‘Repeats & Spam’

A tribute to Dr Seuss….

‘Repeats & Spam’

Could you watch daytime TV?
Could you watch it in a tree?

Could you, would you, watch the box?
Could you, would you, in just your socks?

I cannot watch this Jeremy Kyle,
I couldn’t watch it for a while!

I couldn’t watch these spoilt brats,
I couldn’t watch these lovers’ spats!

I cannot watch these orange blokes,
I wouldn’t watch this Hollyoaks!

I couldn’t listen to Walsh or Cowell,
I think their music views are foul!

Could you watch post-watershed?
Would you watch it off your head?

Could you, watch this exaggeration?
Would you, under heavy sedation?

I couldn’t watch these silly soaps,
I couldn’t watch these reality dopes!

I cannot watch this Jersey Shore,
I do not know what this is for!

I will not watch these stupid ad’s,
I will not buy into horrid fads!

I do not wish to make a claim,
I think this money grabbing’s lame!

I cannot watch this Spam-I-Am!


Inspired by ‘Green Eggs & Ham’ by Dr Seuss, and the flashing box in the corner that likes to shout/beam these strange things at us. After randomly coming up with a couple of rhymes, I felt compelled to try to write a whole piece. Written for fun only.

Unique artwork supplied by Mark Wilkie, at Gutterwipe. My thanks to Mark for collaborating with me on this. Please check out his blogs and artwork, and contact him for flyer/graphic designs. Mark can also be found on FACEBOOK and TWITTER:



CD review: Distance To Fall – ‘Rise Above’ EP

Underground British metal hopefuls take a huge step forward.

Brett Stephenson – Vocals
Sean Graham – Guitar
Dan Cooper – Guitar
Ross Baxter – Drums
Mark Pryor – Bass

1. Rise Above
2. Behind The Mask
3. You’re No Good
4. Bleed Our Nation

Hailing from Harlow and Ely, metal quintet Distance To Fall present this, their second EP ‘Rise Above’, and it’s an impressive release from an upcoming band.
Kicking off with the title track, DTF marry BFMV-style riffs to a more aggressive vocal style than that band, before given way to a more melodic chorus. Like your guitar solos too? They throw in one here – here’s hoping they feature them more in the future! At times, vocalist Stephenson’s stylings, at their most clean and melodic, sound reminiscent of Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong, in my opinion – a strange comparison to make maybe but it actually works, to his credit. ‘Behind The Mask’ starts off as a melodic track but then takes things up a notch with a tastefully-used breakdown. ‘You’re No Good’ injects some vintage Machine Head-style groove and a touch of NYHC into proceedings; if you’re an old school MH fan then this is well worth your time. Final track ‘Bleed Our Nation’ is the most aggressive track included, demonstrating a thrashier side to their sound and proves that whether you’re from the old-school of metal fans or have more contemporary leanings, this EP has the potential to reach out across the board.

‘Rise Above’ is one of the strongest underground releases I’ve heard in some time. Each track sounds well-considered and not rushed, like time was spent honing these tracks before recording began, with a good clean production. Whilst it’s often clear to see who their influences are, DTF have avoided sounding derivative, becoming more than just the sum of their parts by offering their own mix. With a great range and some strong catchy tunes, I’m hoping Distance To Fall can capitalise on this and build a strong fanbase. If they can deliver in the live environment too, then good things are ahead of them.

‘Rise Above’ is available from the band and at live shows, or from the link below as a free download.

For fans of: Bullet For My Valentine, Machine Head, Trivium, Green Day


Stuart O’Connor – The ‘Go Forth Bright Scenic’ Project

One night, four albums, four formats

On Saturday 18th August 2012, Stuart O’Connor released his fourth solo album at Club 85 in Hitchin – only, this was no ordinary album launch….

This was the ‘Go Forth Bright Scenic’ project, Stuart’s biggest venture yet – four albums, each with its own unique tracklisting, and each in a different format:

– ‘Go’ – Released on USB stick, presenting Stuart’s electronic/ambient side to his music, similar to his Midnight Moth material.

‘Alaskan Sky’, a track taken from the USB electro version of GFBS.

– ‘Forth’ – Released on CD, this features a band effort from Stuart O’Connor and friends, reflecting the more alt-rock/prog side. This version features many of Stuart’s previous musical collaborators, including My Pet Junkie bandmates Leon Camfield and Julia Bell, Chris Hollis, Riad Abji, Vicky Flint and Dave Smale, in addition to a guest appearance from Craig Harris, amongst others.

‘Squeaky Doors’, a track taken from the CD version of GFBS.

– ‘Bright’ – Released on audio tape, featuring a more experimental side.

– ‘Scenic’ – Released on double 12 inch vinyl, combining Stuart’s jazzier and experimental material, as well as live material recorded in Japan; a collaboration with Japanese musician Haco. Also comes with a bonus CD version of this album.

Also featuring live sets from The October Game’s Owen Stephen (debuting his solo material), Craig Harris and Philip Storey, the album launch show went down a storm, with great performances from all involved.

Here’s a little more on the CD and vinyl versions:

‘Forth’ features some of Stuart’s most raw and stripped down moments from the new crop of material, and will not disappoint fans of previous solo albums or MPJ. This version also comes with one bonus live track and three bonus demos, exclusive to the CD version of GFBS. Elements of this CD were recorded in Japan and New Zealand.

‘Scenic’ combines acoustic, jazz and experimental moments. Side C and D includes a live collaboration with Haco, recorded during Stuart’s tour of Japan in 2010, and includes a 33 minute track featuring the song ‘Less Than Lovers, More Than Friends’.

For a taste of what you can expect from current live shows, please check this out:

A live video recorded a couple of months ago, featuring the new song ‘Bright Scenic’ (which features on the USB version) and ‘Dare We Claim Victory’, taken from third album ‘Good Times With Evil’, which is also available from http://www.stuartoconnor.com/ and at live shows.

Contact at: