Wishing death to fashioncore since 2005

‘Repeats & Spam’

A tribute to Dr Seuss….

‘Repeats & Spam’

Could you watch daytime TV?
Could you watch it in a tree?

Could you, would you, watch the box?
Could you, would you, in just your socks?

I cannot watch this Jeremy Kyle,
I couldn’t watch it for a while!

I couldn’t watch these spoilt brats,
I couldn’t watch these lovers’ spats!

I cannot watch these orange blokes,
I wouldn’t watch this Hollyoaks!

I couldn’t listen to Walsh or Cowell,
I think their music views are foul!

Could you watch post-watershed?
Would you watch it off your head?

Could you, watch this exaggeration?
Would you, under heavy sedation?

I couldn’t watch these silly soaps,
I couldn’t watch these reality dopes!

I cannot watch this Jersey Shore,
I do not know what this is for!

I will not watch these stupid ad’s,
I will not buy into horrid fads!

I do not wish to make a claim,
I think this money grabbing’s lame!

I cannot watch this Spam-I-Am!


Inspired by ‘Green Eggs & Ham’ by Dr Seuss, and the flashing box in the corner that likes to shout/beam these strange things at us. After randomly coming up with a couple of rhymes, I felt compelled to try to write a whole piece. Written for fun only.

Unique artwork supplied by Mark Wilkie, at Gutterwipe. My thanks to Mark for collaborating with me on this. Please check out his blogs and artwork, and contact him for flyer/graphic designs. Mark can also be found on FACEBOOK and TWITTER:


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