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‘Headlights’ by The Floe

Forthcoming new single from promising Essex-based duo.

The Floe June 2012

The Floe. Photo courtesy of http://www.gilesgphotography.co.uk & http://www.talliston.com, June 2012

‘Headlights’ is the forthcoming single by Essex-based electronic-pop duo The Floe. Having lost a couple of members from their original line-up a couple of years ago, the remaining core of Sarah Springett and Liz Townsend have spent the last several months honing and refining their sound to suit. The results of this process have included a cover of Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ theme, a live album ‘Simple Pleasures’ and an Olympics-themed demo that was written, recorded and made public in the space of less than 24 hours (search for ‘T Minus One’ on YouTube).
Fast forward to 2013, and The Floe are now gearing up for the release of the new single ‘Headlights’, on Monday 4th March. Blending strings and keys, ‘Headlights’ is a fine representaion of their new sound, finally honed down to the sound they’ve always aimed for; dark, bold and engaging, an addictive slice of electronic pop that could see them appeal to a wide range of music fans. With a multi-dimensional sound that could potentially go in any number of directions, this is a fascinating taste of things to come. Dramatic but low on melancholy, confident and deserving to be sitting alongside today’s big pop names, ‘Headlights’ will have you going back for repeated listens.

‘Headlights’ will available to purchase digitally on Monday 4th March, from http://www.thefloe.com.

For fans of: Delerium, Ellie Goulding, Beverly Craven, Portishead, Clare Maguire