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Herts metal act raises money for Alzheimer’s charity

Rising Tide and friends make noise for a good cause

Rising Tide promo 2011

North Herts-based metal band Rising Tide have recently released their debut album, and have decided to donate all the money from sales of this to charity. A friend of the band, Tom Manchester, will be participating in a charity bike ride later this year to raise funds for an Alzheimer’s Disease charity, to which Rising Tide will be donating funds. The album was released at their recent gig at Club 85, Hitchin, where each physical CD featured a unique doodle design by Wicked Sushi. Melding hardcore and tech-metal influences, RT are a high-energy live act, and they’ve successfully managed to capture that feel in their recordings.

Mikael Hunter: Vocals
Josh Elgood: Guitar/Bass (vocals on track 3)
Will Horsman: Guitar/Vocals
Woody Woodgate: Bass
Billy Howard: Drums

Rising Tide album

The album can be purchased at live shows, or downloaded from their Bandcamp profile at http://risingtide1.bandcamp.com/, where the band are allowing fans to choose their own price to pay for it. The album features twelve tracks, two of which feature guest appearances from ex-My Passion frontman Laurence René, Aggi Friðbertsson from Sign and ‘Ham’ Rodda.



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