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Hello Lazarus – ‘Moving Forward Over The Next Financial Quarter’ EP review

Bristol trio release addictive new EP


Luke Taylor – vocals/guitar
Adam Hooper – bass
Sean Shirwan-Begie – drums

1 – When In Rome
2 – Get An Axe
3 – Stallions
4 – I Am No Explorer


You know how bands are often aiming to get that ‘hook’, that one thing that entices people to listen? Well, with that in mind, I’d say that Hello Lazarus have done a good job, to the point that this EP is one almighty hook in itself – a point so important that I felt the need to mention that first before anything else (and I believe others have also expressed similar sentiments). From start to finish, this Bristol trio will grab your attention, and keep it.
The first in a series of three EPs set for release in 2013 by Scylla Records, ‘Moving Forward Over The Next Financial Quarter’ gets things off to a good start. Opening with lead track ‘When In Rome’ (for which a video has been produced), it’s a catchy number which, if you’re looking for comparisons, has a Biffy-meets-Lower Than Atlantis-with-a-dash-of-Brand New-type vibe, a song that could put them into many people’s playlists soon. ‘Get An Axe’ follows in a similar fashion (“There’s a time for talk, a time for axes”), before the introspective ‘Stallions’ calms things down a little. Closer ‘I Am No Explorer’ is another infectious one – the slowest song on offer but a tune that will stay in your head for days to follow, and a great way to close the EP. I could see this track becoming a live favourite in months to come.

Packed with soaring vocals and catchy choruses with no filler in sight, I’m predicting big things for Hello Lazarus – by the end of 2013, I believe that many people will be counting them amongst their favourite bands. I for one will be watching out for the EPs to follow.

‘Moving Forward Over The Next Financial Quarter’ will be released on April 22nd and can be purchased from http://scyllarecords.bigcartel.com/artist/hello-lazarus

For fans of: Biffy Clyro, Lower Than Atlantis, Brand New, 30 Seconds To Mars, Snow Patrol

The official video for ‘When In Rome’.


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