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Circle Of Reason – ‘These Hands And This Mind’ EP review

Forthcoming EP from Southwestern alt/prog quartet.

Circle Of Reason promo shot

1. Dont Be Still
2. Home
3. Themes Amongst Thieves
4. Novel
5. Sleep

Simon Osman – vocals/guitar
Gary Slade – guitar
Sam Cogher – bass/backing vocals
Andy Milwain – drums

Ever come across a band who are difficult to categorise, or to compare to other acts when trying to describe them to others? Well, Circle Of Reason are just one such act. Hailing from Bournemouth and Southampton, these four guys have a sound which blends progressive, alternative rock and melodic metal into something they can call their own, examples of which can be found on their forthcoming EP, ‘These Hands And This Mind’.
Opening with first single ‘Don’t Be Still’ (check out the video below), they set the tone with intricate timing, progressive overtones and lead singer Simon Osman’s impressive vocals, which occasionally sound reminiscent of Incubus’ Brandon Boyd – a styling which works well for them. ‘Home’ follows, starting off mellower before vearing into something similar to latter-day Mastodon territory. Stand-out track ‘Themes Amongst Thieves’ picks up the pace again with an infectious chorus (they seem to have a knack for writing tunes you’ll want to re-visit), before things get a little introspective with ‘Novel’. Closer ‘Sleep’ ends things in a chilled-out fashion, the slowest track on offer but no less enticing than preceding tracks.

The video for ‘Don’t Be Still’:

Ambitious and full of promise, ‘These Hands And This Mind’ doesn’t outstay its welcome or pad things out with filler, instead offering a unique set of tracks, each one offering something different.
If this sounds like your sort of band, then I’d also recommend you go back and check out previous material, particularly the single ‘Silver Scene’, the video for which is on YouTube here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCdR7AOG8s0.

For fans of: Incubus, Porcupine Tree, Breed 77, Forever Never

Circle Of Reason FRONT ep artwork

‘Don’t Be Still’ is available via iTunes now. The ‘These Hands And This Mind’ EP will be released on July 29th, on CD and through all digital outlets.




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