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One Minute Silence – Fragmented Armageddon EP review

British rap-metal legends return.


1. Fruit From The Lie
2. Pandemic Schizophrenia
3. You So Much As Move
4. Fruit From The Lie (Ben Hurd Remix)
5. You So Much As Move (Massimo Fiocco Remix)
6. Early Morning (acoustic)

Yap – vocals
Massimo ‘Massy’ Fiocco – guitars
Glen Diani – bass
Martin Davies – drums

Fragmented Armageddon EP cover

Following a 10 year absence from our stereos and venues, UK rap metallers One Minute Silence are back with a brand new EP of fresh material, the first batch since 2003’s ‘One Lie Fits All’ album. After spending several years dabbling in their own respective projects in various genres, the band came back together in 2010 to begin the honing and recording process for what was to come. The first to feature new drummer Martin Davies, alongside the much missed Yap, Glen and Massy, this EP has been highly-anticipated by both press and their fanbase, who never forgot their high-energy live performances and ability to deliver catchy, in-your-face tunes with a message. Made possible by the Pledge Music incentive, fans who pledged money to the project will also be receiving limited physical versions and other items of appreciation.

EP trailer:

The six tracks on offer here would appeal to their older fans, whilst newcomers might also appreciate the remixes. Opening track ‘Fruit From The Lie’ has a slow, steady build-up that eventually hits with a chorus that only OMS could offer, signalling a true-to-form return that won’t disappoint longtime fans. ‘Pandemic Schizophrenia’ is a manic number that recalls the bouncy but sharp delivery of their debut album (‘Available In All Colours’), married to the more adventurous feel of the ‘One Lie..’ album, whilst the calmer reworked ‘You So Much As Move’ (which originally featured on ‘One Lie..’) is carried along by a floaty riff. The first of the two remixes featured, ‘Fruit From The Lie (Ben Hurd Remix)’, shows that OMS haven’t failed to keep up with today’s musical climate and are still just as open to experimentation as before, injecting some dubstep into the mix. The second remix, by OMS’ own Massy, turns ‘You So Much As Move’ into a darker, brooding track, replacing the original’s proggy feel with one of chaos. In contrast, the final track brings the EP to a chilled close with the suitably-titled ‘Early Morning’, an acoustic track that winds things down – the perfect ‘morning after’ soundtrack.

A solid, varied effort, one that should please fans and build anticipation for a full-length album. Welcome back One Minute Silence, you have been missed.

Lead track ‘Fruit From The Lie’:

For fans of: System Of A Down, Breed 77, Lockdown Project

One Minute Silence’s ‘Fragmented Armageddon’ EP will be released on Monday 17th June by Freeport Entertainment via iTunes. OMS have written 10 new tracks towards a new album, which they hope to record this year for release in 2014, with live dates to follow.


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