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Introducing….Black Noise

Former My Passion man back with new sound

Black Noise promo

Laurence René – Vocals
Nick Kozuch – Guitar & Electronics

After months of secrecy and planning, former My Passion frontman Laurence René is back with a new project, going under the name ‘Black Noise’. Teaming up with Nick Kozuch of The October Game (a band often mentioned here), their new sound may share some common ground with previous material from both members, but this is a new direction; darker, with an 80s edge. They’ve just launched their debut track ‘I Turned My Heart Into A Monster’, which you can listen to on Soundcloud. Offering up a dancier feel than their other bands, their debut track is an beat-driven, catchy number, reminiscent of bands such as US electro-rockers Orgy, and 80s synthpop pioneers Depeche Mode – fans of such acts would do well to check this out.
It’s Black Noise’s aim to “explore life through the dark depths of pop music and beyond”, and judging from responses online so far, they’ve made a promising start.

Here’s ‘I Turned My Heart Into A Monster’, which they’ve made available as a free download. Drumming on this track was provided by Nick’s TOG bandmate Ollie Taylor:

For further Black Noise updates, keep watch on their new Facebook page, linked below.

For fans of: My Passion, The October Game, Orgy, Depeche Mode, Erasure


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