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The Projectionist – ‘Now It’s Time To Carve The Pigs’ EP review

Vicious metal from Cambridgeshire

The Projectionist - Now It's Time To Carve The Pigs

1. Kreed Kafer
2. Hide From The Facts
3. Carve The Pigs
4. Now You Have Lost Them All

Leigh Gray – vocals
Chris Revitt – guitar
Adam Cooke – bass
Robert Miller – drums

Coming up from Cambridgeshire, intense quartet The Projectionist are preparing to release their second EP ‘Now It’s Time To Carve The Pigs’ and as the cover suggests, it’s a snarling beast of a CD. Sounding like a band who’ve mixed discordant punk, hardcore, grind and metal in a cement mixer and spat out the results in all directions, this is hyper, angry music, the sound of a band jumping on your desk, grabbing you by the throat and demanding your attention.
Right from the opener ‘Kreed Kafer’, The Projectionist immediately hit with relentless riffs and intense drumming, and do not let up for a second. There are no melodic passages or pseudo-surprise ‘clean’ choruses; this is a tight, finely-tuned attack from four competent musicians who seemly aren’t interested in bandwagons or conforming to a trend. Occasionally sounding like a heavier Refused meets Cancer Bats, this is ideal for fans of heavy, high-energy, uncompromising music, regardless of your favourite subgenre.
This is not casual background music. This is violence in aural form, and it comes highly recommended.

You can check out the track ‘Carve The Pigs’ ahead of the release on Soundcloud or Bandcamp:

The ‘Now It’s Time To Carve The Pigs’ EP will be released digitally and on CD via High On Pritstick Records, on 14th October, available from http://www.theprojectionist.bandcamp.com/. Their debut EP ‘Meat Parade’ can also be downloaded for free.

For fans of: Vision Of Disorder, Steak Number Eight, Refused, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Cancer Bats



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