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Black Polaris – ‘Life/Death’ EP review

Royston quintet breathe new life into their sound.

Black Polaris - Life-Death EP cover

1. Life/Death (intro)
2. S.I.M
3. Taken
4. Lost Souls
5. The Tyrant

Sam Burgess – vocals
Paul Futter – guitar
Gaz Groombridge – guitar
Luke Jackson – bass
Neil Prenty – drums

If you like intense metalcore/deathcore, then Herts-based quintet Black Polaris may just be for you. Firing back with their strongest and heaviest material to date, this band deserves to get some attention on the back of this EP, featuring their first recordings with new drummer Neil Prenty (also guitarist for Scar My Eyes). The follow-up to last year’s ‘Envisage’ EP, this is a great step forward.

Kicking off with a sample-littered intro which sets the tone nicely, the band then launches into the lead track ‘S.I.M’, for which the band have also recorded their first ever music video (see below). Typifying the sound they’ve captured here, ‘S.I.M’ is a good indication of where they are now, sounding the most confident they’ve ever been, which they continue with ‘Taken’. EP highlight ‘Lost Souls’ is quite possibly the heaviest thing the band has ever released; frenetic riffing, intense drumming with frontman Sam sounding like he’s screaming from the very depths of his soul, injected with a sense of groove. Manic, yet catchy. Closer ‘The Tyrant’ is a pulverising number that I’m predicting will become a live favourite – this will get heads banging and moshpits going.

This is the best that Black Polaris have ever sounded in their five years together so far, taking every aspect of their sound and taking it up several notches. This is groove-injected deathcore which avoids the usual cliches and the pitfalls that the genre often suffers from. This is not one for the fashionistas, but for genuine fans of modern metal.

The video for ‘S.I.M’:

For fans of: In Flames, Bring Me The Horizon, Bleeding Through, Zao

The ‘Life/Death’ EP is available from http://blackpolaris.bandcamp.com/album/life-death-ep.


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