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LUNGS – Two-word review challenge (Faraway/Loner)

Debut single from former Guillemots guitarist

LUNGS - single cover

Recently, the upcoming dream pop duo LUNGS, in conjunction with IndeMusicNews, presented a challenge to everyone – write a review of their forthcoming debut ‘Faraway’/’Loner’ single, using just two words.

I opted for ‘Enticing etherealness’ – yeah, so maybe I invented a word….

That review may only have painted half the picture though – whilst it may be a suitable summary of the shimmering, relaxed pop of ‘Faraway’, accompanying track ‘Loner’ is darker and more pacey. Overall, imagine My Bloody Valentine with a calmer, less wall-of-sound approach and you’ll be in the right area. Featuring former Guillemots guitarist MC Lord Magrão and vocalist Suzie Blake, the LUNGS sound comprises of haunting vocals, deep bass and otherworldly riffs – equal parts chilled and engaging.

LUNGS’ ‘Faraway’/’Loner’ single is available now from http://shop.herorecords.co.uk/album/faraway-hr011s digitally and on limited-edition vinyl.

For fans of: My Bloody Valentine, Ladyhawke, Guillemots



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