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Sons of Guns – ‘Bad Blood’ EP

Dance beats with a punk rock history.

Sons Of Guns August 2012

1. Bad Blood
2. I Slept In The Car
3. Refugee (Grey Matter remix)
4. War Harps
5. Bad Blood (Zero Call remix)
6. Butcher – covered by ASHCAT2DANS

Mark Smith – keyboards/vocals
Rosie Allen – bass/vocals
Tom Flinders – drums

If you fancy a bit of electro-rock, then have a listen to the new EP from Hitchin-based rockers Sons of Guns. Featuring members with an extensive background in Herts’ punk rock scene, SOG are a catchy trio who are also responsible for putting on some well-received ‘Deadbeats’ clubnights in the area. Besides the title track, the EP also features two previously unreleased tracks, two remixes and a cover of their song ‘Butcher’ by ASHCAT2DANS.

Mixing bouncy beats, dashes of dub and catchy lyrics, the title track and the accompanying studio tracks are infectious and will stay with you, especially ‘I Slept In The Car’, the calmer of the three – some might recall that this track already has its own art video on YouTube. The track ‘I Was A Refugee’ (from the first SOG album, downloadable from their Bandcamp page) appears here in a remixed form; whilst it was originally the most chilled track on the album, here it’s been given a BPM boost and turned into a potential dancefloor filler. Zero Call’s remix of ‘Bad Blood’ strips away some of the vocals in favour of a robotic-like techno feel, and ASHCAT2DANS’ version of ‘Butcher’ gives the track a more raw, chaotic feel; imagine Mike Patton fronting a cyberpunk band for an idea of what to expect. You can download the entire EP for free, or for just £4 you can purchase a limited edition CD in handmade packaging, whilst stock lasts.

Sons of Guns Bad Blood EP

The video for Bad Blood (clown alert!):

The ‘Bad Blood’ EP is available from http://sonsofgunsmusic.bandcamp.com/ as a free download, or £4 for a limited edition CD.

For fans of: Hadouken, Enter Shikari, Chvrches



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