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Alcoholic Jelly and Custard shots

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Dessert shots, anyone?

Did a little test run of something I’m taking to a gathering next week (hence the skull glasses), that I hadn’t tried before – alcoholic jelly and custard shots. Like a downscaled version of the trifle I often make for friends, which I will blog one day, this features a dash of alcohol in both layers. As it features jelly, you’ll need to start preparing them the night before they’re needed.

You can always play around with the ingredients for this, but I used:

1 Blackcurrant jelly
Peach and tropical fruit flavoured vodka
Mickey Finn – the Chocolate, Fruit & Nut variety


Start off by preparing the jelly as you normally would, melting down into a liquid. Then, pour just a little vodka into each shot glass, then fill each one to halfway with the jelly, allowing space for the custard layer. Leave in fridge overnight…

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