Wishing death to fashioncore since 2005

TV gloom

“The sky is falling on our TV screen….”


Above is a cover of a recent TV listings magazine. Upon seeing this, I had a thought – is there too much doom and gloom on TV today? Have we forgotten how to laugh? This much misery can’t be healthy? Would a more light-hearted story arc be too much hassle? No, let’s just colour everything a miserable grey shall we….

Couple these soaps with one particular teen soap, whose characters these days all seemly appear to be either psychos or home wreckers, and endless re-runs of documentaries about people being stopped at customs/on our roads and the like – they make whole series’ on these. Then there’s one unqualified man, constantly lambasting people who should either be seeing a trained counsellor or keeping their problems behind closed doors, for the ‘entertainment’ of the public.

Just recently, the one saving grace of daytime TV (in my opinion), aside from the usual repeats of sitcoms and Come Dine With Me, was Bradley Walsh’s The Chase. Remember when Saturday night TV was THE night for quality entertainment? Now it’s all voting for people’s futures. All the best programmes seem to be reserved for the later hours in the week now – and this doesn’t include the endless stream of pseudo-reality TV we have to put up with.

Still, as long as we have the likes Dr Who and The Big Bang Theory (I’m a geek, sue me) still coming, I guess it’s not all bad. I think Googlebox has the right idea too – laughing at the utter ridiculoussness of it all.

Can we remember how to smile again?


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