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Sounds of the underground – Feb 2014

A round-up of current underground rumblings

Here are just some of the current happenings in the UK’s underground rock and metal scene, featuring new and upcoming releases.

Talanas – acoustic mini-album coming soon

Talanas - Asylum promo

Progessive-death metallers Talanas will soon be releasing the acoustic mini-album ‘Asylum’, via their own Eulogy Media label. Showcasing a different side to their sound, though still not a million miles away from their brand of progressively-minded/goth-influenced death metal, the first track to go public ‘Sister Damnable’ still has the same dark atmosphere and sense of menace we’ve come to expect from them. Pick up the latest edition of Terrorizer magazine to hear the new track exclusively, or check out this teaser below. ‘Asylum’ will be released digitally on Saturday 22nd February.


Alone With Wolves – new EP in the works


Cambridge/Herts-based quintet AWW are currently working on their new EP, the first with their new(ish) vocalist Danilo Fiocco, who joined them last year. You can hear samples of what’s to come, in the series of studio diary videos they’ve posted on Youtube, the first of which is below. Their 2011 self-titled EP suggested they had what it takes to become the UK’s answer to Alexisonfire – if that sounds appealing, check out the video below.


Gilla Bruja – new EP available for free


Southern-tinged sludge veterans Gilla Bruja have just released the new EP ‘Clubbed Hands and a Fist Full of Snakes’ and have made it available as a free download on Bandcamp. Frontman Paul March has been in various bands and kept the Gilla name active for the past 16 years, and this is one of his heaviest, more direct releases to date. If you’re into the NOLA sludge/metal scene, obsessed with horror or anything heavy from the UK’s underground scene, give this a listen.


Lord Skrugg – new noise coming soon

New Herts-based act Lord Skrugg, featuring former members of the aforementioned Gilla Bruja, Zebediah Crowe and Burn The Yeti, are currently busy putting together their debut material, with an aim to go public very soon. Below is a sample of what to expect – whilst still sludgy and doomy like their previous acts, this is sounding more intense, sharper and immediate. Lord Skrugg will be making their live debut soon – watch this space.


The Dirty Youth – new single out now

The Dirth Youth Sept 2013

Welsh rockers The Dirty Youth have just released the new single ‘Alive’, with an accompanying video, below. TDY have seen their fanbase grow to an international level over the past couple of years, thanks to tours with the likes of Korn and The Rasmus, and that looks likely to continue this year, with further tours and an album release imminent. ‘Alive’ features everything you’d expect from TDY – frontwoman Danni’s powerful heart-on-sleeve vocal delivery, backed by stadium-sized riffs, packed into a catchy tune that won’t disappoint fans. ‘Alive’ is available now via iTunes with an exclusive b-side, with new album ‘Gold Dust’ set for release in coming months.


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