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Talanas – ‘Asylum’ acoustic EP/Kickstarter campaign

New EP and Kickstarter campaign from Brit prog metallers

Talanas - Asylum full promo shot

Last month, progressive death metallers Talanas released their acoustic mini-album ‘Asylum’, a stripped down affair which, whilst stripped of all full-on riffing and deathly roars, still maintains a definite sense of darkness and underlying menace. This month, the London-based quartet have launched a Kickstarter campaign, in a quest to raise funding to turn the mini-album (currently only available digitally via Bandcamp, iTunes and other outlets) into a hardcopy CD, with various special offers attached.


The EP

Their first acoustic release, and fourth overall, ‘Asylum’ showcases a different side to the Talanas sound, with riffs replaced with restraint, drawing influence and inspiration from the likes of Fields Of The Nephilim, and from British occult and supernatural history. The resulting output is an enjoyable set of tracks which only get better with each listen, easily accessible to any newcomer or curious listener, with tracks such as the atmospheric ‘The Apostle’, and the mini-album highlight track ‘Nothing Gained’, with its 80s goth edge. Still progressively-minded and losing nothing of their dark edge, ‘Asylum’ sits quite comfortably within the Talanas canon, and is recommended to any fan of dark/gothic/progressive music.

1. Sister Damnable (for which a video will be released soon)
2. My Lady White
3. The Apostle (featuring fellow Eulogy Media artiste Beth Ryan)
4. Asylum
5. Nothing Gained


The Kickstarter campaign

Talanas are aiming to create a 20+ page digibook CD version of ‘Asylum’, and have recently announced that, if they can hit their target, they will also be able to add a bonus DVD, featuring promotional videos and production/behind-the-scenes footage. As added incentives, people can also opt to pledge on having their name featured in the promotional video’s credits, and in the digibook’s ‘Thanks’ list, with further options including an exclusive signed poster and even a meeting over tea with the band in Camden. Further details available at the link below:




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