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Trash Monroe – New singles collection

New CD set from the rising Essex glampunk rockers

Trash Monroe promo Nov 2013

If you catch Essex rockers Trash Monroe at one of their live events, you’ll be able to pick up their new singles boxset. Entitled ‘Addiction of Duplicities – The Complete Collection’, this set collects both parts of the ‘Addiction Of Duplicities’ duo, and two tracks which have only previously been available via audio stream online.

The ‘Addiction Of Duplicities, Part 1’ CD –
Stupid Again

The ‘Addiction Of Duplicities, Part 2’ CD –
Deja Vu
Sexy By Proxy

The Downloads –
Bleached Edges Of My Memory
Porno Pure

‘Addiction Of Duplicities, Part 1’ was previously reviewed upon its original release back in 2013, here https://thursdayaddams.wordpress.com/2013/02/27/trash-monroe-aodpart1-review/. If you didn’t pick it up first time around, or you’re a newcomer to their sound, then this is a worthwhile package; blending dramatic goth with fierce punk rock and giving it all a 80s glamrock edge, TM’s sound could appeal to a number of audiences, as they’ve proven on the live circuit across the UK. The tracks ‘Deja Vu’ and ‘Sexy By Proxy’ from the second single included, ‘Addiction Of Duplicities, Part 2’, are also available via Amazon, whilst the Benatar-esque ‘Bleached Edges Of My Memory’ (below) and incredibly catchy ‘Porno Pure’ (a definite highlight) can only currently be purchased on CD via this set.

Trash Monroe have a knack for writing catchy, anthemic tunes that you could imagine appearing on Guitar Hero or on your favourite rock station’s playlist, and it’s worth delving into their catalogue to check out older material you might have missed. Here’s hoping that it’s only a matter of time before Trash Monroe catch more rock press attention.

‘Addiction of Duplicities – The Complete Collection’ can be picked up at live gigs and via the band – get in touch via links below.

For fans of: Pat Benatar, The Pretty Reckless, Tool, Skunk Anansie, No Doubt



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