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Boss Keloid – The Calming Influence of Teeth/new video

Second album and new video from Wigan sludge metallers


1. Winehorse
2. Locking Stumps
3. Skipper’s Pipes
4. Manson Lamps
5. Muscular Grin
6. Bellow Of Blackened Beasts
7. Hoof Conductor
8. One For The Floorboards
9. Firm Set Of Hordes
10.Madam Palindrome

Alex Hurst – vocals/effects
Paul Swarbrick – guitar
Liam Pendlebury-Green – bass
Ste Arands – drums

With a combination of sludgy riffs, solid grooves and an air of darkness that calls to mind bands such as Mastodon, Clutch, Faith No More, and Therapy?, Wigan-based quintet Boss Keloid have delivered ‘The Calming Influence of Teeth’, their second album – if they encountered any of those old ‘difficult second album’ hurdles in its production, they certainly aren’t evident here.

Lurching in with ‘Winehorse’, offering up dark, thick riffs with off-kilter rhythms, Boss Keloid doesn’t waste any time in grabbing the listener’s attention, before the groove-injected ‘Locking Stumps’ kicks in. Third track ‘Skipper’s Pipes’ was chosen as the band’s first music video, which has been posted below. I could imagine the track ‘Manson Lamps’ appealing to fans of Faith No More, circa their ‘Angel Dust’ period, or possibly Therapy? (circa ‘Troublegum’), with its similar dark vibe and an undeniable catchiness – BK have nailed the ability to write actual songs, and ones that stay with you. The album continues in this fashion, with little in the way of filler, with tracks such as ‘Hoof Conductor’ being equal parts thundering riffs, pummeling drums and infectious grooves – should you only have the time for one track or still remain cynical, check out ‘Bellow Of Blackened Beasts’ or closing track ‘Madam Palindrome’, just two of the highlights of the album.

Rooted in sludge, with a knack for writing heavy yet catchy tunes that manage to transcend metal sub-genre boundaries (I’d urge fans of alt-rock and metal in general to give this a listen), Boss Keloid have produced an album that deserves to be heard by the UK’s metal-loving masses. The UK clearly has an underrated sludge metal scene, and with more attention cast their way, these guys could be the ones to lead.

‘The Calming Influence of Teeth’ is available now as a download and limited edition CD digipack, at http://bosskeloid.bandcamp.com/album/the-calming-influence-of-teeth.

For fans of: Mastodon, Faith No More, early Therapy?, Clutch, The Dillinger Escape Plan, American Head Charge

New video
This is the madcap new video for the song ‘Skipper’s Pipes’ – clearly a band with a sense of humour (MANKINI ALERT):


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