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Empty Yard Experiment (E.Y.E) – ‘Kallisti’ review

Genre-defying second album from multinational prog rockers

Empty Yard Experiment (E.Y.E) - Kallisti cover

1. Sunyata
2. Greenflash
3. Red
4. The Blue Eyes Of A Dog
5. There Will Never Be
6. Entropy
7. Blue
8. Anomie
9. Lost In A Void That I Know Too Well
12.God Has His Reasons
14.The Call

Bojan Preradovic – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Mehdi Gr – Lead Guitar
Kaveh Kashani – Bass
Gorgin Asadi – Keys
Josh Saldanha – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Every so often, a new release comes along that defies any easy description, one that needs to be heard to be understood, and the multinational act Empty Yard Experiment’s second album ‘Kallisti’ is a prime example. Though it’s been available as a download via Bandcamp since March of this year, ‘Kallisti’ gets a wider release on 29th September.

A melting pot of ideas, melding progressive, melodic alt-rock and instrumental post-rock, ‘Kallisti’ has the potential to reach a large cross-section of audiences and ages. Luring in with the simple piano intro of ‘Sunyata’, the band then launches into rockier territory with ‘Greenflash’, one that might appeal to fans of Tool circa ‘Aenima’. It’s in this fashion that the album continues, interspersing the rockier tracks with quieter, introspective moments and instrumentals – if you’re looking for an album to get lost in, this made just be the one for you. Other highlights include the AIC-esque ‘Entropy’, the exotically-flavoured ‘Untitled’ and ‘God Has His Reasons’, an addictive track for which a promo video has been released (watch below).

Utterly engaging and defying any easy descriptions, Empty Yard Experiment and ‘Kallisti’ both deserve the attention. If you’re into any kind of progressive, forward-thinking music, post-rock or melodic alt-rock, give this a listen.

‘Kallisti’ is streaming now at http://emptyyardexperiment.bandcamp.com/album/kallisti, and will be available internationally on 29th September.

The video for ‘God Has His Reasons’:

For fans of: Tool, Filter, Tesseract, Porcupine Tree, latter-day Opeth



Kill Confirmed – ‘Descend’ EP review

Promising debut from fierce Herts metallers

Kill Confirmed - Descent EP cover

1. Beyond Black
2. Descend
3. The Ghost That Haunts
4. Epiphany
5. A Memory In Ashes
6. Addiction

Joe Savage – vocals/guitar
Reece Fowell – guitars
Tommy Savage – bass/vocals
David Ward – drums
(Former frontwoman Sian Farrell also receives a writing credit for ‘Addiction’)

Courtesy of Native Eye Film and Photography

Courtesy of Native Eye Film and Photography, 2014

North Herts-based metal quartet Kill Confirmed have been gigging around the area for a couple of years now, and built themselves a bit of a following as a result. Following a line-up change, which saw their former frontwoman depart and guitarist Joe Savage move forward to frontman, their sound changed, the product of which can be heard here on their debut EP, ‘Descend’.

Opener ‘Beyond Black’ is a strong start and a good indication of what to expect from KC; a fierce thrashy, melodic metal sound flavoured by metalcore and unafraid to throw in plenty of guitar solos, which they are more than capable of pulling off. Lead track ‘Descend’ could appeal to fans of latter-day Machine Head and Trivium, but could also easily appeal to fans of older metal styles, without sounding dated or clichéd – those who got into the thrash revival a few years ago might also find something of interest here. ‘The Ghost That Haunts’ is the longest track here, clocking in at over six minutes, suggesting that KC aren’t interested in throwing out any old riff or appealing to the short attention-spanned. Throughout this EP, I get the impression that none of these tracks were rushed or thrown in to pad the EP out; time was taken writing and honing each song and riff. ‘A Memory In Ashes’ was the first song to be launched prior to this EP’s release, and has already been proven to translate well in the live environment. Closer ‘Addiction’ is one of the strongest and catchiest tracks featured, opening with some bouncing bass and featuring some BFMV-esque riffing, and strongly suggests that Kill Confirmed have far more to offer in the future.

For a debut EP, ‘Descend’ is a good start for Kill Confirmed. They’ve already proved they’ve got the ideas, skill and songwriting ability to produce some promising material, and with some proper label backing and beefier production, they could go places. Here’s hoping they can get themselves noticed.

For fans of: Machine Head, Trivium, Evile, Metallica, Bullet For My Valentine

The ‘Descend’ EP is available now from http://killconfirmed.bandcamp.com and at live gigs.


What if Football was more like WWE?


Earlier this year, there was a rumour that WWE’s owner Vince McMahon was interested in buying the English football team Newcastle United. Whilst I’m still not certain how accurate this was, the thought occurred to me – what if Football was more like American wrestling?

"He was never offside brother!"

“He was never offside brother!”

Here are some ideas that could be transferred over:

– New costumes to replace their regular kits – entering the stadium with Ultimate Warrrior’s facepaint, Legion Of Doom-style shoulderpads or Golddust’s outfit would be an interesting way of adding more colour. I personally wouldn’t complain if one team dressed as The Headbangers, but then I would say that….Or The Hart Foundation, they were snappy dressers.

Imagine if more sportsmen channeled the same energy and fire as this legend.  RIP Ultimate Warrior.

Imagine if more sportsmen channeled the same energy and fire as this legend.
RIP Ultimate Warrior.

– More dramatic entrances – entering with Kane’s pyrotechnics along with The Undertaker’s entrance theme, that would intimidate the opposing team, right? ‘Bushwhacking’ optional.

– They perform all pre- and post-game interviews in the style of Rowdy Roddy Piper. Catchphrases to be encouraged, with use of “At the end of the day….” to be banned.

– Jerry Lawler (Jim Ross has been suggested too) to commentate. I personally think that Lawler is the funniest commentator they’ve ever had, and the current Lawler/Michael Cole/JBL team seems to work well.

– Matches in cages, or surrounded by fire.

Inferno cup match, anyone?

Inferno cup match, anyone?

– How about some run-ins? McMahon runs in dressed in a ref’s shirt, or members from the sub bench or even other teams get involved when the ref’s not looking, with a second/third ball, just to confuse matters.

– Anyone caught faking a dive/exaggerating an injury actually gets whacked with a chair.

– Blindfold matches. Strap matches could be fun too – imagine each player strapped to another from the opposing team.

Admit it, you'd love to see a whole pitch of this. I would.

Admit it, you’d love to see a whole pitch of this.
I would.

– ‘Goals count anywhere’ matches; match boundaries are limitless, with a ‘jumpers for goalposts’ rule coming into play, depending on how far they get outside the arena. Ref to be supplied with a Segway, for the hell of it.

You’d potentially end up with a match of one team in Demolition’s attire, against a team of Doinks. One holding with a large snake, the other with parrots. Possibly.

"Ref! Ref! What do you mean, sharpshooters are illegal on the pitch!?"

“Ref! Ref! What do you mean, sharpshooters are illegal on the pitch!?”

My thanks to my Facebook friends for a couple of their suggestions.