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Aghast! – ‘All The Rage’ album review

UKDM quartet release debut album

Aghast - All The Rage cover

1. Die Laughing (intro)
2. All The Rage
3. Hollywood Ending
4. Afterlife Crisis
5. Drop Dead Famous
6. Bang To Rights
7. It’s Your Funeral
8. Look Alive!
9. Sea Of Trees
10.Hells Bells (And Buckets Of Blood)
11.We Fear Silence
12.Noise Pollution

Aghast 07-10-14

After months of hard work and preparation, and a well-received set at this year’s Bloodstock Festival, UK metallers Aghast! have finally released their debut album, ‘All The Rage’.

Featuring 11 tracks of relentless death metal, including tracks you might have missed from their previous couple of (now out of print) EPs, ‘All The Rage’ is everything that longterm fans of this Herts/London-based quartet would hope for; the title track is a full-on statement of intent (have a listen below), tracks such as ‘Drop Dead Famous’ and ‘Bang To Rights’ race along at almost unhuman levels, and live favourite ‘It’s Your Funeral’ sounds as sharp as ever. New track ‘Sea Of Trees’ is possibly one of the angriest songs I’ve ever heard from this band; clearly (and thankfully), there was no holding back during these recording sessions. If the reception they received at their album launch gig at Club 85 in Hitchin is anything to go by, all that hard work is about to payoff.

Whilst there may be the occasional moments of restraint and melody, Aghast largely deal in lessons in OTT extremity and heaviness, which have been finely honed and shaped into these 11 tracks. If you want subtlety then look elsewhere – for unrestrained UKDM, go to Aghast!

The official lyric video for title track ‘All The Rage’:

Aghast!’s ‘All The Rage’ is available now at live gigs and from UKEM Records’ website at http://www.ukemrecords.co.uk/product/aghast-all-the-rage/.



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