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Unanswered questions

Such thoughts keep me awake at night. Possibly.

Normally, I throw random questions at my friends on Facebook when I think of them; this time, I thought I’d collect a load and post them here.

– In this ultra-PC time, could Lionel Richie still get away with saying ‘Is it me you’re looking for?’ to a blind lady?

– Why is ‘amazeballs’ a thing but not ‘incredi-balls’?

– Are moths just goth butterflies, or are butterflies just moths who want to express themselves loudly?
(Either way, don’t tell them it’s just a phase they’re going through; they’ll only grow up resenting you for it.)

– Would actual ‘hindsight’ be all that attractive? I’m not certain that I’d want sight out of my hind.

– Who names carpets? Are there people out there with ‘carpet namer’ on their CV?
(Have a browse though a catalogue for examples.)

– If we ‘party until the cows come home’, when do the cows stop partying?

– If an asteroid entered our hemisphere, would it instantly become a ‘hemoroid’?

– What if Time Team is actually about Baldrick’s never-ending quest to return back to his own time?

– What if Wally/Waldo is sick of people wondering where he is all the time, and now thinks the world is full of weird obsessives who watch his every move. Kinda like a literary Truman Show?
Or, what if he wants to be found, and we’re just enabling/feeding into his constant need to be pursued?
(One time, I walked into Clintons, found a Where’s Wally card, couldn’t find him and subsequently had to leave feeling unfulfilled….anyway….)

– What does a glove fit like?

– Seriously though, turn down for WHAT?!?

Found this - my eternal gratitude to whoever created it.

Found this – my eternal gratitude to whoever created it.