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Heavy new charity compilation released

Intense new compilation/fundraiser for mental health charities

ripcord cover

Glasgow-based collective ripcord have released an intense 22 track compilation of UKHC, punk and metal acts, ‘RE:MIND Vol 1’, to raise money for two mental health charities – Mind, and the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH). Featuring acts such as Svalbard, Ithaca, Pariso, Rope Spasm, No Honour and World Weary amongst many others, it is available to download now via Bandcamp for just £4. ‘RE:MIND Vol 1’ is not only a great way of raising funds for worthy causes, it is also an impressive showcase of the UK’s underground heavy music scene – useful to anyone looking for new bands to listen to.

This is just the first of a planned series of compilations from ripcord – head over to their Facebook page (linked below) for further updates and releases.



Sounds Of The Underground – February 2015

Rumblings from the underground music scene

There has been so much good music released this month – here’s some of what’s on offer!

Vendetta – new EP

Vendetta 2015

North Herts metallers Vendetta have released a new 6-track demo EP ‘Illusions’, which they’ve made available as a free download via Bandcamp. Living up to the potential that was demonstrated when they released the track ‘Martyr’ some time ago, ‘Illusions’ is just pure intensity – anyone looking for new metal acts to listen to should definitely check this one out.


Toy Birds – new track

The October Game’s Ollie Taylor has released the first track from his new project Toy Birds, ‘These Eyes’. Very similar in sound to this solo album released back in 2012, ‘These Eyes’ is a catchy electronic pop number which hints at interesting things to come from Toy Birds.


Owen Stephen – new EP

Ollie’s TOG bandmate Owen Stephen has also just released his second EP, ‘Day & Night’. The follow-up to his debut EP ‘Just Dreaming’, that EP saw Owen win new fans on both sides of the Atlantic (when he toured the US with Ramin Karimloo), ‘Day & Night’ may well see him continue to do so.


Healyum – new video

Young Milton Keynes act Healyum have released a video for their track ‘Feels Good’, a song that will also be appearing in an upcoming episode of E4’s ‘Banana’ series. Formed by the trio of sisters Jeana and Katie and their brother Jed, this folk-pop act could be one to watch. ‘Feels Good’ appears on their EP ‘Fools Eyes’, available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and Spotify.


White Line Diaries – new track

WLD have released yet another new track online, entitled ‘(Welcome To) The Circus’. Featuring backing tracks from funk rockers Indi & The Vegas, this continues their run of new tracks being released on a monthly basis (after ‘Hurricane Body’ and ‘Come Back To Mine’) as ‘Name your price’ downloads. Offering a heavier, edgier sound that still displays their knack for writing a catchy tune, these new tracks are highly recommended.


As You’re Falling – new track

Another metal act from North Herts, As You’re Falling, have just released a new track ‘Cry Of The Banshee’, which you can download for free from their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AsYoureFalling. These guys will also be releasing a new EP very soon.


Gévaudan – ‘Message For The Damned’ EP

Decade-jumping debut EP from Herts doom metallers

Gevaudan live 29-08-14

1. The Cursed Undead
2. Lament Of The North
3. Message For The Damned

Adam Pirmohamed: Vocals
Bruce Hamilton: Guitar
Andy Salt: Bass
David Himbury: Drums

‘Message Of the Damned’ is the debut EP from North Herts-based metal act Gévaudan, who feature former/current members of other unsigned acts such as Burn The Yeti, Jesus Hooligan and Hazel Turnock & The Finger Choppers. Formed a short period after BTY’s split, this band are in similar territory sound-wise, but with a more retro feel. Sounding like a mix of Sabbath-inspired psychedelic doom with elements of 70s trad metal and 90s stoner rock, this quartet has the potential to reach across to fans of different subgenres.

At times, this EP does feel like travelling through the ages of metal; ‘The Curse Undead’ and ‘Lament Of the North’ have a similar stoner/doom groove, occasionally reminiscent of the much-missed Kyuss, but when title track ‘Message Of the Damned’ hits, we’re transported back to the 70s, a time when metal was steeped in mysticism and occult influences. Deeper and darker in sound, the title track is the most adventurous on offer and could be the one that people latch onto.

The EP clocks in somewhere around the 22 minute mark despite only consisting of three tracks, meaning that whilst they aren’t afraid of making their influences clear, Gévaudan also aren’t afraid of giving each riff and song room to breathe. It’s metal with a sense of adventure. If you’re a fan of riffy, retro-fuelled metal with solos aplenty, hunt down ‘Message For The Damned’.

‘Message For The Damned’ is available on CD at live gigs and from http://gevaudan.bigcartel.com/product/gevaudan-message-for-the-damned-released-13-12-2014.

The track ‘The Cursed Undead’ can also be found on the current issue of Zero Tolerance Magazine’s free covermount CD.

Gevaudan Zero Tolerance CD

For fans of: Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Electric Wizard, Corrosion Of Conformity, Cathedral, Acrimony