Wishing death to fashioncore since 2005

Worst. Survey. Ever.

A day in the life of two market researchers

Worst survey ever CIMG9500

Upon seeing the above sentence, my first thought was, who the hell worked that out? Here’s how it might have gone….

9:00am – “Good morning sir. Here, please wipe your backside with this sheet, then this one, and tell us which you think is softer.”

9:30am – “Erm, no you can keep that. Thanks.”

10:00am – “What? Oh sorry, we’re told we’ll get a cubicle next time. Yes, this aisle is rather draughty isn’t it.”

11:00am – “Hello, Customer Services? Who moved the Wet Floor sign? Well, we’ll need another. Yes, it’s happened again.”

12:00pm – “How many of these can your fit up your shirt, Robert?”

1:00pm – “We could’ve built a fort, Karen….”

2:00pm – “Baby wipes are on aisle 12, madam. Yes I know, I’m burning this shirt when I get home.”

3:00pm – “Could’ve asked us to do a vodka survey, but no, we…. What have you got in that flask? Oooh….”

4:00pm – “What even is my life…. No not you madam sorry, I was just muttering to myself….”

4:15pm – “Oh were we supposed to be counting? Let’s just round up to the nearest whole 100….”

4:30pm – “Might fake my death tomorrow. Oh, you too? Race you.”

5:00pm – “I underestimated how long it’d take for that fire engine to get here.”


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