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Denigrata interview with Johnny Doom

UKBM act discuss their roots, Mozart and Alan Moore

Denigrata promo for new video

UK black metallers Denigrata were recently interviewed by famed rock DJ/host Johnny Doom, for his Amp’d show. Here they discuss how they formed, playing their album launch in a 900 year old church, the classical music influence and their debut video, which plays at the end of the interview.


One of the most interesting bands I’ve encountered over the past 12 months, Denigrata’s sound is a unique take on black metal, with symphonic and electronic elements. If you’ve not heard it yet, here’s the debut album, which I reviewed last year (link below).




Denigrata release new video

Debut visual release from UKBM act

Denigrata promo for new video

UK black metallers Denigrata have released their debut video for the track ‘Kyrie Eleison’, which is taken from last year’s awesome debut album ‘Missa Defunctorum: Requiem Mass in A Minor’.

The video, which was premiered this week via the UK’s leading extreme metal magazine Terrorizer, also features a cameo appearance from acclaimed writer Alan Moore (Watchmen, V For Vendetta), whom the band met through mutual interests in their home town Northampton.


For more of their multi-faceted sound, check out the entire album here, available as a download and CD:

My review of the album – Denigrata – ‘Missa Defunctorum: Requiem Mass in A Minor’ review

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Sounds Of The Underground, December 2015

Recent rumblings in the underground music scene

A round-up of recent releases I haven’t had time to blog about in more detail over the festive period.

Bad Pollyanna


Bad Pollyanna – new album
UK rockers Bad Pollyanna have just released their second album ‘The Broken Toys’, available now via their website. Immediately engaging and dramatic, ‘The Broken Toys’ has a varied sound that might appeal to a broad range of audiences, from the electro-rock/goth crowd, to fans of 80s post-punk – imagine an act somewhere between Toyah, Evanescence, The Birthday Massacre and The Dirty Youth, and you’d be getting close. Coming as a result of a successful Pledgemusic campaign, and getting strong reviews everywhere in the rock press, 2016 may just be Bad Pollyanna’s year.

A solid album that features some catchy tunes (highlights include ‘Define Me’, ‘Hooks’ and ‘Ugly Love”) with little filler, ‘The Broken Toys’ is available now as a digipak CD and digital download at http://shop.badpollyanna.com/album/the-broken-toys, live gigs and other digital outlets.

Toy Birds – new EP
Toy Birds, featuring The October Game’s drummer Ollie Taylor as frontman, have released their debut self-titled EP. Having offered a preview of their sound with the track ‘These Eyes’ earlier this, the band have now expanded on this with these five tracks, with an electronic-pop sound not a million miles away from some of the popular acts of the 80s – if you’re into pop in the A-Ha/Paul Young/Nik Kershaw vein, give this a listen.

Dorylus – debut tracks
London/Herts-based metallers Dorylus have released their debut EP, two tracks from which are streaming now over at Reverbnation. Having formed less than a year ago, the band have been gigging since May and winning fans with a melodic-death metal sound that would appeal to fans of the likes of Lamb Of God, Meshuggah, In Flames and DevilDriver. The whole EP is out on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Googleplay and other outlets.

The Tuesday Club – new EPs
St Albans post-punk/glampop crew The Tuesday Club have recently released EPs 3 and 4 for this year’s set of releases. Titled ‘Lady Gargar’ and ‘Boo Hoo’ respectively, both EPs comprise of three tracks each and are available now via their website. These complete the set of four releases which make up their second album.

Despite recently losing a couple of members (The Minx and J-Rod), the band look set to continue as a five-piece for 2016.

The Wolves Of Avalon – new single/album
Pagan-black metallers The Wolves Of Avalon released a two-track vinyl single a few months ago, and are currently working on the release of their next album for 2016. The A-side of their single is a cover of Venom’s track ‘Die Hard’ and features guest vocal appearances from Rob Miller of Amebix, Mirai Kawashima of Sigh, Alan Averill of Primordial and Venom’s own Mantas guesting on vocals and guitar. The B-side, ‘Carrion Crows Reprise’ is an alternate version of a track originally featured on their first album. Released via Eternal Death Records, available on their Bandcamp site.

The next album, to be titled ‘Across A Twilight Field Of Corpses Grey, Only The Trilling Of Nightingales Can Be Heard’ , is currently scheduled for a May 2016 release via Godreah Records.


Denigrata – ‘Missa Defunctorum: Requiem Mass in A Minor’ review

Beautifully chaotic debut from UK metallers

Denigrata promo 2015

1. Requiem Aeturnam
2. Kyrie Eleison
3. Dies Irae
4. Rex Tremendae
5. Confutatis Maledictis
6. Lacrymosa
7. Agnus Dei

Denigrata Herself – vocals/guitar
Manea – keys/vocals
Cændél – guitar
Legivn – bass/vocals
Tasìmengyì – ‘timbrel alchemist’

Denigrata - Missa Defunctorum Requiem Mass in A Minor cover

Ever heard an album so varied in its influences and sounds, full of calculated chaos and heaviness, that it defied a simple description? Denigrata’s debut album ‘Missa Defunctorum: Requiem Mass in A Minor’ is such an album. Comfortably encompassing black metal, industrial, goth and symphonic metal all at once, in such a way that it could also potentially qualify as progressive metal too (unless that’s just confusing matters further), it’s an incredibly adventurous extreme metal release. For an attempt at a simple breakdown, imagine for a moment, if members of The Berzerker, Cradle Of Filth and Nightwish collaborated on a Tim Burton soundtrack with Devin Townsend – you’d possibly get something similar to this.

Rather than provide a track-by-track breakdown, I’d suggest having a listen – it’s better heard than described! From the slow-building Blade Runner-esque intro of ‘Requiem Aeturnam’ and ‘Kyrie Eleison’ (available as a free download from their Bandcamp site) to the all-out operatic onslaught of closer ‘Agnus Dei’, the thought and production that has gone into this is incredible.


‘Missa Defunctorum….’ is like the perfect soundtrack to a gothic horror movie, all at once dark yet beautiful in its seamless flow of ideas, with the level of extremity you’d expect from a black metal album.

Denigrata’s ‘Missa Defunctorum: Requiem Mass in A Minor’ is available now via Bandcamp as a digital download and CD at https://denigrata.bandcamp.com/releases, and on CD at live events.


For fans of: The Berzerker, Apocalyptica, Strapping Young Lad, Cradle Of Filth, The Birthday Massacre, Emperor

Note: ‘Kyrie Eleison’ was also included on my recent metal mixtape, which can be downloaded for free with 17 other tracks from https://musikalsin.bandcamp.com/album/musikal-sin-mixtape-vol-5-metal-without-boundaries.

Voices – ‘London’ review

Blackened concept album from ex-Akercocke members

Voices promo Dec 2014

Dan Abela – bass/producer
David Gray (Akercocke/My Dying Bride) – drums
Peter Benjamin (Akercocke) – vocals, guitars
David Loynes (Akercocke/Diminished Fifth) – guitars

01. Suicide Note
02. Music For The Recently Bereaved
03. The Actress
04. Vicarious Lover
05. Megan
06. Imaginary Sketches of A Poisoned man
07. The Antidote
08. The FuckTrance
09. Hourglass
10. The House Of Black Light
11. The Final Portrait Of The Artist
12. Last Train Victoria Line
13. The Ultimate Narcissist
14. Cold Harbour Lane

Another album I’m finally catching up with – ‘London’, the second album from Voices, the band comprising of former members of highly-regarded UK progressive death metallers Akercocke. Formed with the aim to create a more avant garde sound, ‘London’ makes for an interesting listen.

At its heart, ‘London’ is a black metal album, yet offers so much more than that. A concept album written about existence in our country’s capital, rich in texture and varied in sound, this album transcends the boundaries of BM to the point that it could appeal to fans of many subgenres of metal. Often switching between restrained acoustic passages and brutal riffs with intense drumming in a majestic death metal territory, interwoven with spoken word pieces and field recordings that provide a backbone for the album’s theme, tracks such as ‘Music For The Recently Bereaved’, ‘Vicarious Lover’ and ‘Hourglass’ are a satisfying experience for those who want more than just standard meat-and-potatoes metal. ‘Megan’ could even appeal to fans of tech-metal acts such as Textures, and ‘The House of Black Light’ is perhaps the greatest horror movie soundtrack yet-to-be, perfect for anyone who wants a slice of straight-up classic DM. Offering extremity and subtlety in equal measure, this is an ambitious, progessively-minded album, and one that deserves repeated listens to truly take it all in.

More than just a black metal album, ‘London’ is a richly-textured extreme metal album that pushes the envelope – fans of progessively-minded/adventurous heavy music should seek this one out.

Voices’ ‘London’ is available now via Candlelight Records at http://candlelightrecordsuk.bandcamp.com/album/london and iTunes, or on CD at http://www.plastichead.com//item.asp?ex=fitem&target=CANDLE487CD.

For fans of: Akercocke, My Dying Bride, Emporer, Textures, Tesseract, Talanas


Voices London promo

Top tunes of 2014

10 just isn’t loud enough.

I know that at this time of year, every man and his blog (see what I did there) will be posting up their personal top 10s of the past year’s musical releases. Rather than spew forth with all manner of hyperbole and superlatives for the same albums everyone’s already talking about, here’s a simple but complete list of my picks, in no particular order, including some that I’ve written about previously and others which might not have caught your attention (yet). Oh and rather than condense my favourites down to 10, I’ve gone up to 11. That’s right, you saw that too.

Talanas – ‘My Apostle’
Taken from their acoustic EP ‘Asylum’, there’s something addictive about this atmospheric track.

Victorian Whore Dogs – ‘Prayer of Dust’
Taken from the EP ‘Hobo Chic’. Post-metal infused sludge from Guildford.

Vendetta – ‘Martyr’
Like ‘Prayer Of Dust’ above, this was featured on a free mixtape download I compiled and released this year.

Lord Skrugg – new demos
I’ve had the pleasure of listening to the demos of their forthcoming EP (repeatedly!) – looking forward to seeing it get released. Have a listen to these Herts-based sludge metallers.

Indi and the Vegas – ‘She’s On Fire’
Taken from the funk-rock trio’s debut full-length album. Difficult to pick just one favourite.

Professor Elemental – ‘All In Together’
Couldn’t help but admire the message of acceptance here. Catchy chap-hop, featured on both the ‘All In Together’ EP and ‘The Giddy Limit’ album.

Empty Yard Experiment – ‘Untitled’
Taken from the multi-cultural prog-metallers’ album ‘Kallisti’, this one will lodge itself in your head.

The Wolves Of Avalon – ‘The Gorging Glut of Sodden Clay’
I’ve heard a handful of tracks from this album (‘Boudicca’s Last Stand’) and it’s definitely on the to-buy list.

Slipknot – ‘The Negative One’
A tad predictable maybe (I’m sure it’s on many people’s highlights list) but that chorus has had me hooked. Taken from ‘5: The Gray Chapter’.

Mastodon – ‘High Road’
Another popular one I’m sure – taken from the album ‘Once More ‘Round The Sun’.

The Pierces – ‘Kings’
Some might call it a guilty pleasure for a metalhead (if I believed in feeling guilty!). One of the few modern pop acts I still listen to. Lovely melodies here, taking from their album ‘Creation’.


Alternative Christmas Music

Not all Christmas-themed music is bland or cheesy!

There’s no getting away from it at this time of the year, so how about some modernised Christmas tunes and covers with a twist? I’ve been looking around the ‘net for some suitable tunes, here’s what I’ve found so far.

Last year, Scylla Records released this compilation of covers to raise money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London. Including the likes of Traitors, Hello Lazarus, Fort Hope, Sons Of Guns, Anavae and The October Game, each giving a well-known Christmas song a reworking in their own style, it’s 15 exclusive covers for a minimum donation of just £3.

Herts-based songstress Holly Knowles has covered ‘Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree’, which she has made available as a free download (link below video).

For those with heavier tastes, check out Cambridge’s The Projectionist giving ‘Jingle Bells’ a grind makeover!

Bedford’s favourite funk rock trio Indi & The Vegas have covered both Wings’ ‘A Wonderful Christmas Time’ and the classic ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, which are free downloads.

Herts/London new-wave crew The Tuesday Club have written a track especially for the season, also a free download.

Chloe Chadwick has recorded a version of John Lennon’s ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’ which has been released to help raise funds for Help For Heroes – available from iTunes, half the proceeds from all sales will be donated to HFH.

iTunes link – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/happy-xmas-war-is-over-single/id949555572

British black metal/punk hybrid act The Meads Of Asphodel have recorded two tongue-in-cheek tracks, both of which can be downloaded separately or as part of ‘The Middle Ages’ compilation.

The Djentleman’s Club have put together a special compilation, ‘Djent Goes Christmas’, a massive 35-track free download of djent/tech-metal Christmas anthems, featuring tracks such as this one from Arbiter – head over to MetalMouth’s website for the full tracklisting and download links. http://metalmouth.net/2014/12/free-music-35-track-xmas-carol-djent-cover-compilation/


The Wolves Of Avalon release split single

Free single from UK-based black metal acts

The Wolves Of Avalon 2014

The Wolves of Avalon, the pagan black metal band formed by The Meads of Asphodel’s frontman Metatron, have released a free split single with fellow UK-based black metal act Witchclan, via Sixsixsix Records.

WOA have contributed the track ‘The Gorging Glut Of Sodden Clay’, which comes from their second album ‘Boudicca’s Last Stand’ which was released earlier this year and features guest vocals from Varggoth of Nokturnal Mortum. Witchclan contribute the track ‘Treading on Angels’, from their new album ‘The Dark Binding’, theirs being a harsh, primal track that would appeal to fans of the European black metal acts of the 90s, whilst WOA’s track brings in folk elements and a medieval atmosphere.

The split single can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp at http://sixsixsixmusic.bandcamp.com/album/witchclan-the-wolves-of-avalon.

For those who would like to hear more from ‘Boudicca’s Last Stand’, their promotions company has uploaded a few tracks to Youtube. Featuring various guests from bands such as Drudkh and Nokturnal Mortum, ‘Boudicca’s Last Stand’ is out now digitally on iTunes and on CD via Godreah’s website – http://www.godreah.com/releasedetails.php?id=221

‘Bonded By Blood and Sword’ –

‘The Sky Goddess’ featuring Hildr Valkyrie –