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Drore release their debut EP

New music from Oxford sludge quartet

Drore live shot

1. Skinjob
2. Hippy Crack
3. Greys
4. Fukbag

Tom Greenway – vocals/guitar
Taz Corona-Brown – vocals/guitar
Olly Corona-Brown – bass
Stephen Frame – drums

Drore, the Oxford-based act featuring members of Undersmile and Crippled Black Phoenix, have just released their debut EP ‘TapeOne’, posted below. With a sound that takes the members away from their other jobs, TapeOne features four tracks of intense, atmospheric sludgey-noise that will also appeal to fans of doom and post-metal.

Whilst CBP and Undersmile deal with more progressive and slow-burning build-ups, Drore are much more immediate and direct, whilst still maintaining the latter’s darkness and that sense of atmosphere. This is angry sludgey doom in a neon package – watch out for live gigs.

‘TapeOne’ is available now as a limited edtion tape or download at https://drore.bandcamp.com/album/tapeone, or from Rad Naseum Records at http://radnauseam.co.uk/.

For fans of: Torpor, Steak Number Eight, Hang The Bastard, Windhand



Gévaudan – ‘Message For The Damned’ EP

Decade-jumping debut EP from Herts doom metallers

Gevaudan live 29-08-14

1. The Cursed Undead
2. Lament Of The North
3. Message For The Damned

Adam Pirmohamed: Vocals
Bruce Hamilton: Guitar
Andy Salt: Bass
David Himbury: Drums

‘Message Of the Damned’ is the debut EP from North Herts-based metal act Gévaudan, who feature former/current members of other unsigned acts such as Burn The Yeti, Jesus Hooligan and Hazel Turnock & The Finger Choppers. Formed a short period after BTY’s split, this band are in similar territory sound-wise, but with a more retro feel. Sounding like a mix of Sabbath-inspired psychedelic doom with elements of 70s trad metal and 90s stoner rock, this quartet has the potential to reach across to fans of different subgenres.

At times, this EP does feel like travelling through the ages of metal; ‘The Curse Undead’ and ‘Lament Of the North’ have a similar stoner/doom groove, occasionally reminiscent of the much-missed Kyuss, but when title track ‘Message Of the Damned’ hits, we’re transported back to the 70s, a time when metal was steeped in mysticism and occult influences. Deeper and darker in sound, the title track is the most adventurous on offer and could be the one that people latch onto.

The EP clocks in somewhere around the 22 minute mark despite only consisting of three tracks, meaning that whilst they aren’t afraid of making their influences clear, Gévaudan also aren’t afraid of giving each riff and song room to breathe. It’s metal with a sense of adventure. If you’re a fan of riffy, retro-fuelled metal with solos aplenty, hunt down ‘Message For The Damned’.

‘Message For The Damned’ is available on CD at live gigs and from http://gevaudan.bigcartel.com/product/gevaudan-message-for-the-damned-released-13-12-2014.

The track ‘The Cursed Undead’ can also be found on the current issue of Zero Tolerance Magazine’s free covermount CD.

Gevaudan Zero Tolerance CD

For fans of: Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Electric Wizard, Corrosion Of Conformity, Cathedral, Acrimony


God Damn – ‘Heavy Money’ EP review

Genre-defying EP from heavy rock trio.


1. Red Checker
2. Heavy Money
3. I Don’t Really Mind
4. New Invention Victory Club
5. Like Meat To Morrissey
6. Dangle Like Skeletons

Thom – vocals/guitar
Dave – vocals/guitar
Ash – drums

Ever encountered a band whose sound incorporates so many different influences, that you found it difficult to pin down and describe to others? That’s what you get with God Damn, to their credit. I was introduced to this Birmingham trio via a link to their EP on Facebook (it pays off to click on these things people!), and have since been addicted this band’s sound. Taking in everything from doom metal to grungey garage rock, this recently-released EP has a lot to offer.

A frantic riff opens up first track ‘Red Checker’, a short but effective statement of intent, followed by the title track, a thundering Deap Vally-esque number. The slower but infectious ‘I Don’t Really Mind’ would appeal to fans of old school goth and post-punk bands of the 80s. ‘New Invention Victory Club’ is a slow-building instrumental, like a guitar-laden, dark and psychedelic carnival march that builds into a heavy finish, followed by the all-out rock-out of ‘Like Meat To Morrissey’. Occasionally sounding reminiscent of the likes of The 80s Matchbox B-line Disaster and BRMC, but never sounding like mere copyists, GD make each sound their own. The more sombre ‘Dangle Like Skeletons’ closes the EP, the longest track by some length (there’s no sticking to a formula here), another builder that mixes their post-punk side with doomy riffs. I predict you’ll be going back for repeated listens upon finishing; I was!

More than just the sum of their myriad of influences, God Damn have created something almost impossible to pigeonhole (a very good thing indeed); a dark, heavy alt-rock EP that transcends boundaries and could easily appeal to fans of just about any genre/subgenre of heavy and alternative music. Metalheads, goths, grungers, garage/indie-rockers – check ‘Heavy Money’ out. This deserves to be heard, and I could imagine this band becoming a festival puller in time.

The video for ‘Red Checker’:

The video for ‘Heavy Money’:

For fans of: Electric Wizard, Deap Vally, 80s post-punk, DFA 1979, Black Sabbath, early Smashing Pumpkins, The Lost Boys’ soundtrack

God Damn’s ‘Heavy Money’ EP is available as a free download and on limited editon cassette tape from http://gravyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/heavy-money-ep


Burn The Yeti – ‘Out Of The Darkness’ (2011) CD review

The debut EP from Herts-based doom metal quintet.

Burn The Yeti – ‘Out Of The Darkness’ (2011)

1. Bury Me In A Nameless Grave
2. Let Me Go
3. Out Of The Darkness
4. Burn The Yeti


Rebecca Press – Vocals
Bruce Hamilton – Guitar
Sam Farrington – Guitar
Jim Males – Bass
Sammie Donnelly – Drums
Helen Brown – Keys

Formed in 2010 and based around Hertfordshire, England, Burn The Yeti present us with this, the first fruits of their labour in the form of 4-track debut EP ‘Out Of The Darkness’. Featuring current/former members of Gilla Bruja, Zebediah Crowe, Wrongly Accused and Hazel Turnock & The Finger Choppers, at their heart they’re a doom metal band, but they have a sound which encompasses much more than that. At times, the sludgy spirit of GB is invoked, whilst at others the band’s more symphonic/gothic influences come to the fore, at times sounding reminiscent of Dutch metallers The Gathering circa ‘Mandilion’, the band’s deep booming riffs acting in contrast to Rebecca’s lifting vocals, a mix of light and shade that works well. None of the EP’s four tracks are under six minutes in length, yet none of them outstay their welcome, each track given its own space to breathe and progress; clearly, this was not a rushed effort. Each musician is used to their potential here, without becoming overly showy or overindulgent, throwing in guitar solos only when appropriate rather than for the sake of it, and it works.

‘Let Me Go’

Slow and doomy but with a definite sense of groove, BTY have got off to a good start, and with work already commencing on follow-up material, this quintet is worth keeping an eye on.

Rating: 80/100

For fans of:
Black Sabbath, The Gathering, Goatsnake, Gallhammer


Introducing…..Embers Of Angels

Upcoming progressive death metal act from Hertfordshire.


Joe Mould (Drymouth) – vocals, guitar
Sam Clarke – lead guitar, programming
Simon Marston (Drymouth) – bass
Adam ‘Azzy’ Smith (Crypt, Wrongly Accused) – rhythm guitar
Simon Longe – drums

The roots of EOA go back to 2006, when Sam Clarke first met Simon Marston and introduced him to the various riffs he had stockpiled, but the band came into full fruition in 2010, when after a wide search and a couple of line-up changes, the band were joined by Joe Mould on vocals, and Wrongly Accused/ex-Crypt guitarist Azzy Smith. Following support slots with the likes of Pythia and Aghast!, the band set to work on new studio recordings, the results of which can be heard on debut EP ‘BloodWork’, which can be streamed from their Facebook page or bought online at http://embersofangels.bigcartel.com/. Having recently recruited new drummer Simon Longe, the band are wasting no time taking their sound and material further, with the release of a new EP later in 2011, and a support slot with Talanas.

Genre: Death/progressive/doom/melodic metal

For fans of: Paradise Lost, Opeth, Dream Theater

‘Blood God’, from the first Embers Of Angels EP ‘BloodWork’

‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ live at Club 85, Hitchin, 16-10-10


Introducing…..Burn The Yeti

The first ‘Introducing’ post.

Burn The Yeti – A new Herts-based doom metal quintet brought together by Bruce Hamilton and Jim Males. Forming in 2010, the line-up eventually settled in its current form, and recently played their debut gig at Club 85, Hitchin, supporting Aghast. BTY are now putting together their debut EP, tentatively scheduled for release in the summer.


Rebecca Press – Vocals
Bruce Hamilton (The Bruce Hamilton Experience) – Guitar
Sam Farrington – Guitar
Jim Males (Gilla Bruja, Zebediah Crowe) – Bass
Sam Donnelly (Wrongly Accused) – Drums

Genre: Doom/down-tempo metal

Live video – Burn The Yeti’s live debut, performing their self-titled song, at Club 85, 19-03-11.