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Introducing…. The Mantis Divine

Punk/metal hybrid with a divine sound

Nadia Maria – vocals
Kim Young – guitar
Lee Warren – bass
Greg Anderson – drums

This is The Mantis Divine, a Herts-based quartet who’ve been gigging around their home county recently and looking to go further. Though the band has been together for less than a year, their members have previously played in bands such as Sink Or Swim, Swamp Pussy and St Stella, so have already got experience behind them. The fact that they only narrowly missed out on proceeding further in the current Metal 2 The Masses competition (for this year’s Bloodstock Festival) speaks volumes about their potential.

Live at Club 85, Hitchin, 26-03-17

TMD have got the whole package – frontwoman Nadia can easily switch from smooth and melodic to call-to-action punk vocals in a heartbeat, guitarist Kim is an incredibly talented player who knows how to write a solid riff, whilst rhythm section Lee and Greg add a groove and punch to the whole thing.

Check out the lyric video for the ‘To Hell’, available on their demo CD. For a reference point – imagine if Atari Teenage Riot went full punk-rock….


Here’s what others from the music scene have to say about them:

“An exciting young band with a lot of potential for the future, catchy riffs and powerful vocals.” – Bruce Hamilton, Gevaudan

“A passionate, curiously successful fusion of metal and punk.” – Brad Smith, Nineteensquared Promotions

“With a profusion of low-end tone and deep sounding heavy riffage, MD does a fine job in combining grubby punk rock with a distinctive creepy Melvinsesque sludge sound. Hold onto your heads!” – Gary Payne, Neverworld/The Graven Sign

Live at The Red Lion, Stevenage, 02-02-17

Their demo CD is currently available at live gigs (and whilst stock lasts, you can grab a free t-shirt too). With a tight sound and a professional attitude, The Mantis Divine are worth some attention. For further info/bookings, please get in touch at the links below.

For fans of: L7, Atari Teenage Riot, Kittie, The Unknownn, Babes In Toyland



Hey You Guys/Das Sexy Clap – Split vinyl single review

Split rock ‘n’ roll grooves

Hey You Guys vinyl

Side A: Hey You Guys! – Keston Villers’ Investment Club
Side AA: Das Sexy Clap – On Our Knees

This is the new vinyl-only split single from the bands Hey You Guys! and Das Sexy Clap, both from Worcester.
First up, HYG!, whose A-side appearance is actually their debut single – they’re loud, they’re quirky and if this is anything to go by, they’ve got some infectious tunes, as demonstrated by their offering, ‘Keston Villers’ Investment Club’. Imagine a band who takes the energy of A and combines it with the punk rock attitude of The Hives, and you’d get something akin to this. They’re worth catching live too, having recently seen them perform.

Das Sexy Clap vinyl
If the idea of a heavier, scuzzier version of The White Stripes appeals to you, then give Das Sexy Clap a listen. Their side of this single features the track ‘On Our Knees’, a catchy, noisy number that could take on any bigger garage rock band you could think of, and trounce them with this alone. This is actually their last release for the forseeable future, with the duo announcing they’re now on a break – in the meantime, I recommend checking out their back catalogue, some of which is available as free downloads on their Bandcamp site.

This split vinyl single can be purchased from http://dassexyclap.bandcamp.com/album/on-our-knees, and at HYG!’s live shows.

The video for ‘Keston Villers’ Investment Club’:

For fans of: The Wildhearts, A, The Hives, The White Stripes, Queens of the Stone Age